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How we certify the Carbon Credits?

VCS projects cover a diverse range of sectors, including renewable energy (such as wind and hydroelectric projects), forestry (including the avoidance of deforestation), and others.

Projects developed under the VCS Program must follow a rigorous assessment process in order to be certified.

Emission reductions certified by our program are eligible to be issued as VCUs, with one VCU representing one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere.

VCS Standard: The VCS Standard lays out the rules and requirements which all projects must follow in order to be certified.

Independent Auditing: All VCS projects are subject to desk and field audits by both qualified independent third parties and Verra staff to ensure that standards are met and methodologies are properly applied.

Accounting Methodologies: Projects are assessed using a technically sound GHG emission reduction quantification methodology specific to that project type.

Registry System: The registry system is the central storehouse of data on all registered projects, and tracks the generation, retirement and cancellation of all VCUs. To register with the program, projects must show that they have met all standards and methodological requirements.